Jose Reyes reminds me of Predator

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, yes, I said Jose Reyes reminds me of Predator, the same dude that is killed by Arnold and is chased around gang infested L.A. by Danny Glover in a pretty crappy sequel. Not because he takes human skulls as trophies ( I somehow wish he would….Cole Hamels or Jimmy Rollins would be alright)  or has a spear that he slams through Gary Busie…..but rather he rocks his oversized dreadlocks and always seems to have on his mean mug. Like Predator his has a cannon attached to his shoulder. I know that the original Predator has a laser aiming system, but Jose like any action hero seems to fire from the hip at times and not aim. Like Predator he has speed and can run down a oversized Jesse Ventura or Danny Glovers partner with ease, so can Jose snagging a ground ball or stealing a base. But being “Predator” he also has his downside. Much like the 6’9 beast that confronts a mud covered Arnold in the jungle, he can rely too much on his natural ability and not on smarts. (Swinging at pitches in the dirt or above his head, not paying attention to his base coaches, singing and dancing in the dugout.) Like Predator he has all the talent to stack head after head on the shelf, but rather gets himself into trouble. As much as I hope Jose can bring hisPredator like  killer insticts to the Queens day after day,(Circa 2006, 2008) I am not to sure if it will ever happen again in Queens. Is it a bad thing to think Jose does the same thing to L.A. drug dealers in his spare time?


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